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Fake Openload redirect - fix and cause (updated)

Some of you are getting the site Openload.pw when clicking an Openload.co link here.  They will still have a stream, but it will not be from our index and that site is triggering malware warnings.  It's because sometime in the recent past you have actually clicked an Openload.pw link elsewhere, which embedded a redirect in your browser so that every time you click a proper Openload.co link you are taken to the bad site.  There are several fixes, but the most simple is to clear your cache and cookies, then uninstall and then re-install your browser.  Doing so should not affect your favorites, etc, as those settings are not normally deleted when you uninstall.

Best guess is the redirect goes to a page that attempts to capture your info.

To prevent it happening again, take note of the address of any Openload link you click when using other sites having streaming links.  Make sure you are clicking Openload.co, and not Openload.pw.  We do not index the Openload.pw links here. Elsewhere, where they illegally allow users to post links you must be careful.  There is most likely also a financial incentive for sites listing those links - so just be careful when not on StreamDreams.

Also be on the lookout for the trick being used with other host urls. The urls listed in our index are the only ones you should see in your address bar when leaving our site after clicking a link.

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