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Members are respected around here, but in return we ask for respect – we allow members to have access without certain impediments and give them the ability to post comments, use the site chat, and favorites/watch/to-watch lists with more to come.  There will always be more to come. In return we ask that you do not argue with or insult one another, complain about the site, or post things that are obviously disagreeable (don’t be rude to admin or mods).

Pretty simple.  Violation can cause removal or suspension of your account.

For commenting/chat rules see below in the Welcome Menu.


Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!
Donate If You Can, Please!

Last month brought in $35 in donations, which we are thankful for, but it was one of the lightest months on record.

Due to some changes, we will have no ad income for almost 2 months at this point.

If we can't raise enough in donations to safely keep things running we will have to allow some distasteful ads and more aggressive popups - which pay well, and quickly, but are not user friendly at all and disrupt the site experience.  They are also very hard to monitor and keep clean as their providers really don't care about users.

PayPal has been returned as a donation option, and Google Pay added, as well as crypto if desired.  Any amount helps! You can go HERE to help out.  PM ub_kma with any questions, or use the CONTACT form.


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