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Anna (2019)

Beneath Anna Poliatova's striking beauty lies a secret that will unleash her indelible strength and skill to become one of the world's most feared government assassins.

English subtitles for Russian Language parts

Title : Anna (2019)

IMDB: 6.8/10 835 Votes

Runtime :  n/A

Views :  9913

  • Spotflare

    ignore the naysayers and ne’er-do-wells – hahaha – their taste is in their sphincter.. this is a decent action flick with a femme lead by luc besson.. it’s no more like LA FEMME NIKITA than MOMENTUM with olga, ATOMIC BLONDE with charlize and LUCY (also by besson) with scarlett are.. i thought sasha did very well (she’s svelte, like livy – ya got yer slender and then ya got yer svelte…’gracefully slender’).. she played two parts in VALERIAN AND THE CITY OF A THOUSAND PLANETS (also by besson – i’m noticin’ a trend).. i liked besson’s use of flashbacks and flashfronts.. it’s like a box of Cracker Jacks…”free puzzle inside”.. good support from helen mirren, luke evans and cillian murphy, as would be expected.. this film qualifies as entertainment.. i have spoken.. and i return to the dim glow of my shrouded campfire


  • curzie

    really good escapism, but i just kept expecting Cillian Murphy to start screaming Arthur ******* kill em,seems he has made a rod for his own back,by being to successful


  • ac1d

    anorexic stick figure assassin -mildly entertaining -with a paint by numbers plot interspersed with alot of back tacking ala “memento : but not as clever 6/10 -ps some nice photography too


  • Dime

    This is a good movie. People with all their negative comments crack me up. It’s an action movie, it is not meant to be poetic. Get a grip, grab some pop corn, shut up and enjoy a movie. It is honestly that easy.


  • Vigile

    A huge waste of time unless you’re impressed with over the top gun fights where the hero has magical super gun powers and is bullet proof.


  • Fluffster

    Basically a very basic revamp of Nikita, with a worse actress than the previous one. If Besson is going back to his old hits to try and save his production company, maybe he should have aimed for The 5th Element instead because this story hasn’t aged very well. It’s been done over and over, with much more gusto and a less bland lead.


  • epoclaen

    The Cam quality was just too much of an issue for me. Missing subtitles in many scenes because the camera angle cut off the lower part of the screen. Also had an annoying 1xbet logo right smack in the middle of the video the whole time. Has potential but will wait until the HD version is released.


  • mizzkat

    Did not think I was going to enjoy this movie but I was wrong ! good quality for Cam to. I will re watch when HD. come out . TY.



    Good movie even though it’s been done over and over. Mirren was exceptional in her role. Pretty decent copy. 4/5


  • ghostforthethrone

    Awesome movie. Not as much action as I thought there would be but the story made up for it. Sasha Luss was incredible considering it was only her second film ever. Definitely going to watch again when a better copy comes out.


  • randomevent

    Good stuff! La Femme Nikita’s story never gets old, plus Helen Mirren is a great counterpart in this one!!


  • rjslawnmow

    Great action packed show! The Russian language is just ugly sounding.


  • Flicker2013

    Brilliant!!! Fun-Filled action-packed very entertaining film for everyone over 18!
    I was also going to say we have ourselves a female John Wick, but better looking IMHO.
    Plenty of eye candy in this film for us all such as: Luke Evans & Cillian Murphy. ‘CAT’ back off!! *wink* Cheers.. 😀


  • curzie

    loved it,a female john wick



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