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Genuine Notifications Added!

Bored and browsing the web?  Waiting for a particular show or movie?  Click the BELL icon, lower left on the screen and enable notifications.  You will get a heads up whenever a new episode, show, or movie is indexed.  Just click the box that appears on your lower right screen and you will be taken right to the new addition! Unlike other sites, this is a genuine harmless notification – not an advertisement ploy.  Easily turn it on or off via the Bell icon.

(NOTE – This is yet another feature adblock will almost certainly kill)


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Maintenance In The AM (early!)

Working on Chat feature, and if you tried to load a page at the wrong moment earlier you might have noticed it crashed the site.

Will be debugging this in the early AM hours - you might see error text on the screen while in debug mode.  Any actual site interruptions will be brief.



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