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Beforeigners follows a new phenomenon that starts happening all over the world. Powerful flashes of light occur in the ocean, and people from the past appear. They come from three separate time periods: The Stone Age, The Viking era and late 19th Century. No one understands how this is possible, and the people from the past, called "beforeigners", have no memory of what's transpired. Only one thing is certain: they keep coming and there is no way back. A couple of years later, Alfhildr, who comes from the Viking Age, is teamed up with burned-out police officer Lars Haaland as part of the police department's integration scheme. While investigating the murder of a beforeigner, they begin to unravel a larger conspiracy behind the origin of the mysterious mass arrivals.

Norwegian with English subs

Title : Beforeigners

IMDB: 8.1/10 971 Votes

Runtime :  n/A

Views :  3568

  • kaveeone

    Just from reading the discription… A total rehash of “Alien Nation” with ah time travel twist. And I’d rather watch “Alien Nation”. 🙂


  • Jupiterfly

    I love dystopia/scifi/timetravel & my norse ancestry is gettin all tingly. grandpas name was Ole Olsen-Hurskadahl.. he modernized after coming to north america .. Kinda glad .. would a been hell trying to spell that for people.
    But enough .. its a fun mix of crime/mystery/time sci fi obviously speaking to current events. Seem to be popping into many writers minds these days.. unsurprising.
    It also gives some interesting historical costuming, language, war and beautiful ship recreations which abound in Norway, all wrapped up in our skewed perspective.. or is it?
    Definitely worth watching.


  • TX2Guns

    First Carnival Row with Murdered Fairies and now this? Gimme a Break.
    I think the U.N. and EU actually got funding to try this in 2017, but the whole “Create a worm hole for time travel” thing fell apart at the R&D stage.
    They went with Plan B using NGO’s instead😂
    I know for a fact that if a a few thousand Blood thirsty Armed 9th Century Vikings and Shield Maidens showed up in multi-culturalist soy boy Europe right now it would be skinny jean Millennials getting killed, not them.
    Bread and Circuses.👎


  • Marlboro_Man

    0_o/* Top Billing from me for this awesome little Norwegian gem! The English-Subs are easy to read. Fantastic Sci-Fi script writing. The characters are very refreshing & aside from the time-traveling aspect of this show, they’re realistically relatable. Hopefully HBO will pick up a season 2, so we can all continue on our journey of discovery with this muddled merry band of time-traveling Norwegians! Rating: 9/10 Stars


  • IncessantChatter

    Wow! I really loved this show. The linguistic nuances alone were fascinating. They even threw some reconstructed cave-man language in there and even tho I don’t really understand the languages themselves, I have watched so many nordisk productions in the past few years I can tell the difference between the NyNorsk that we hear in our modern day Norwegian shows and the stuffy Dano-Norwegian the characters from the 1800’s use. The old norse used here is like the classical Old Icelandic Snoori wrote the sagas so it’s like 11th -12th century. I


  • LesStrater

    Well I hope it gets renewed for a second season, because with only 6 episodes it left a lot unanswered. Nonetheless, it was a great show while it lasted…


  • rednecksnob

    does anyone know if this is english? i really wish it would say on the main screen when someyhing isnt in english,,,,


  • sanbro5

    I like that they didn’t spend hours figuring out where they came from or how they assimilated. Enough info to get it and then right into a really good storyline. Really enjoying it.


  • HoundHowlsAtMoon

    I was concerned that this was going to go into strange and dark places as far too many shows have been recently, but it hasn’t. Thoroughly enjoying this. Surprisingly upbeat and full of action for a European production. The last Northern European detective type show I tried to watch was so slow with so much endless gazing across water I wanted to reach into the TV and shake the dozy dopes into doing something, anything! So this is a fresh brisk breeze of enjoyment.


  • 2johnnyb2

    It seems to be a propaganda show aimed at social engineering the citizens to be more accepting of the refugees them an Europe have had to take in. By showing the human side of the Beforeigners it hopes to infuse more empathy into the real citizens about the plight of the real refugees.


    • Joy717

      Are referring to the Soros/UN open borders initiatives? The mainstream media narrative is certainly pushing that.
      You make an interesting point…but with that said, HBO typically has very good series & it’s an added plus that it’s Norwegian series.
      Interesting concept, so far it has kept my interest (which is rare for shows nowadays). Time will tell how this show pans out.


    • floridasunshine

      I can’t tell if you’re implying being more empathetic is a bad thing or not? I mean, children are born empathetic. It isn’t until our crappy culture makes us jaded that we lose some (in some people’s cases all) empathy towards others. Why would we not want people to be more understanding of other people? Isn’t this what makes us more intelligent than any other species on Earth? Anyway, just a thought. 🙂


  • kojo

    Surprisingly entertaining. Just the right amount of comedy to balance the ridiculousness of the premise, while still being engaging in terms of the plot.


  • Flicker2013

    Yas!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bin looking forward to this series… Thnx Ub! Cheers… 😀



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