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The Capture

An innocent man is falsely accused and the video evidence isn't as it seems.

Title : The Capture

IMDB: 8.8/10 21 Votes

Runtime :  n/A

Views :  2411

  • doto

    A few years back I was talking to a friend in Britain and I said, ‘with all the surveillance it almost feels dystopian’ and he said he didn’t mind it at all…I don’t know if I could stand having every move “intentionally” scrutinized….yeah, shop cams and stuff are there but to be watched just walking down the street feels a bit tooo invasive to me….anyone else?

    BTW, I’m in the middle of #2 and so far it feels really good. Never liked UK film too much in the past but over the last few years they’ve really picked up their game for my style….so much I like from there now.


  • curzie

    who ever wrote this has been to clever for their own good,because its so complex and so far out there,that i have lost all interest,i dont care whether he did it or not now


    • arw115611

      I disagree….Im really into the show. It might be a bit complex in terms of trying to figure out who is doing what, but in 2019 the concept of the show is not too far out there at all. Government is scary.


  • TX2Guns

    1-2 Ron Perlman! GTFOH! Things just got serious.👍😎


  • ac1d

    s1 ep 2 WOW what a twist and i still cant figure out how they done it


  • TX2Guns

    To be honest, I cringe every time the BBC puts out a new “crime” series..going by the quality of last years offerings you have about a 1 in 10 chance of it being a Politically Correct turd. Too early to tell on this one, but the overall premise is interesting at least.


  • ac1d

    the brits do it again this is really really good – great acting nice script and nice editing -did he or didnt he?


  • greenguy86

    Holliday Grainger was a terrible choice for a lead. I don’t know if this one is going to end up being a dud.


  • Livywags89

    1-1 Definitely peeked my interest, can’t wait to see more.



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